Contents Storage and Pack Out

Synergy Property Restoration can restore items from documents and clothing to furniture and electronics, and more. After damage has occurred to your home or business, the recovery process can seem daunting when you realize how many things there are to consider. Are any of your valuables, such as household goods, furniture, and other personal possessions damaged in your home or business? Our contents cleaning methods for your valuable belongings that were at one time immediately discarded may now be just like new.

These items include:

  • Linens, draperies, clothing, and other textiles
  • China, kitchen items, jewelry
  • Leather jackets, boots/shoes
  • Furniture
  • TVs, electronics, appliances
  • Books, important papers and other documents
  • Artwork

Our contents cleaning and restoration services include:

  • Helping you identify valuables to be cleaned and restored
  • Professional pack out and removal of these items to our central contents processing center
  • Advanced contents cleaning methods, such as ultrasonic cleaning equipment, industrial grade wash systems, and freeze-drying systems
  • Return of your cleaned items promptly

Contents Restoration for Home and Business

If you’ve experienced water, mold, soot, or smoke damage in your home or business, either through a flood or fire, then it’s likely that your contents were also damaged in some way.

We realize that, in some cases, the damage done to your personal items and memories can sometimes be more upsetting than the damage done to the structure. That’s why we consider contents restoration every bit as valuable and essential to our customers as the restoration of the home or commercial building.

Regardless of the item, whether it’s fine art or cherished heirlooms, crystal, carpets, electronics, or even paper – we have the tools, products, and facilities to restore your property and its contents to its original condition, if possible. From ozone rooms, Hydroxyl generators, and thermal fog to remove odor to commercial dishwashers and ultra-sonic machines – we get the job done to our client’s satisfaction.

Pack Out and Inventory Management

First, we take a detailed inventory of the items we will be removing and storing in our storage facility. Then, we pack up all of your belongings and items carefully. This is done while the restoration process on your house or property begins. Rest assured that your personal belongings and other items will be handled with care by our staff. We have countless experiences dealing with your situation and have helped many home and property owners deal with this challenging time.

We work with properties and household items damaged from home fires to water damage, natural disasters, and other events. We pack and store your belongings in a professional storage facility making sure they are protected from any further damage. Our team is available daily to arrive at your property and start the packing and storing process immediately.

Synergy Property Restoration services include contents restoration, pack out, and inventory process. Not only will we pack, clean, repair, and restore each of your items with the highest level of care, we do it in a way that makes it easy for our clients and insurance adjustors.

Our customers, insurance agents, and adjusters tell us that no other company provides the level of detail regarding the inventory of your treasured items.

So what do we do that is so unique? And why is this important?

If you’ve experienced a fire or serious flood damage, the chances are that you will be staying in temporary accommodations for an extended period of time. During that time, there will be occasions that you will want to access clothes, basic cooking utensils, and even treasured items.

That’s why, when we pack out the contents of your home, we make obtaining your goods as easy as possible. Our process is as follows:

  1. Itemize every packed item
  2. What room and where in that room it came from (i.e., bedroom closet)
  3. Detail the box it is packed in
  4. Detail exactly where that box is located in the storage area

We Work With Your Insurance Adjuster To Help You Get Appropriate Compensation

To make it easy for your insurance adjustor and to ensure that your property is assessed as accurately as possible, we also itemize and describe:

  • Each item to the lowest level of detail (i.e., 2.5 ozs. of ground cumin) and
  • Every item that requires repair and/or restoration. In this case, we also maintain a project report of where that item is in the restoration process.

If there are items that were damaged and require restoration, but the client does not want returned, we will assess and report the cost of the restoration so that our clients can be properly compensated.

Unfortunately, not all contents can be restored. In that case, we will itemize and describe each item so that it can be accurately discussed with your insurance agent.

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Where Do We Restore Your Contents?

In some cases, if the damage to your home or business is isolated to one area, we can clean and restore your personal items on-site – at your home or business. However, if the physical structure and the contents have significant damage and your personal property must be removed, we carefully pack up all your personal belongings and move it to our secure facility for contents restoration.

After all your personal items have been thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, and deodorized, it is safely repacked and stored in your own individual crate at our climate-controlled facility where it awaits delivery back to your home following successful repairs and restoration.