Emergency Services in Tampa Bay, Florida

When property damage happens in Tampa Bay, Synergy Property Restoration is a resource you can trust. Professional emergency services are crucial directly after any emergency. A quick response directly after a storm, water, or fire damage is essential to stopping the damage and starting the restoration. Synergy has the experience and resources to provide emergency services for damage to residential, commercial, and industrial properties. To quickly stabilize the affected property, our team cooperates with insurance companies and adjusters, organizes valuable resources, and provides property securement for our clients.

Our objective is to keep damage and loss to a minimum. To make this happen, we will arrive on-site as soon as possible, prepare a plan of action and begin emergency procedures immediately to stop the damage from getting worse and start the restoration process.

Clean-Up and Restoration

Water, fire, mold, and natural disasters can happen at any moment and, at times, without much of a warning. Flooding caused by a broken pipe or home appliances that malfunction, backed up sewage, are all incidents that can wreak havoc on your home. Our team provides high-quality service, cleaning, and restoring your property.

In some cases, when a property has experienced extensive damage, a full residential reconstruction will be required. Solutions and estimates for such reconstruction will be provided after inspection. From new walls to new floors and windows, we will discuss and plan everything and start the work as soon as the clean-up is finished.


Our industry experience allows us to reduce the time and capital needed to repair and restore damaged properties. Synergy Property Restoration offers full-service property damage emergency services in Clearwater and the surrounding areas.

Services we include are:

Emergency Service Team

Our emergency service team is available and on-call to arrive and start the work on restoring your property.

If your home or business has experienced fire, smoke, or water damage, it is a very serious matter? It is an emergency situation that needs addressing quickly with experienced professionals. These professionals need to be experts at handling both the insurance claim portion and the contracting to get your home or business renovated to move back in quickly.

Xactimate Software

In the insurance world, Xactimate is the industry’s #1 software and easiest-to-use and most comprehensive solution for filing water, fire, or smoke, damage property claims. All insurance companies use this software to determine the scope and price of home renovation work.

If a homeowner hires a contractor that uses Xactimate, it will be much less hassle for the customer to deal with someone that uses the same software because there’s no haggling over the price. Having the contractor and insurance company using Xactimate on the estimate speeds up the time of the claim because the insurance company can accept the job over the phone. By using this software, the contractor’s prices are the same as the insurance adjusters to the penny.

The benefit of using Xactimate is that the homeowner does not have to get multiple estimates to see if it fits in the budget that the insurance allowed. When the insurance adjuster writes the estimate, a contractor that uses Xactimate can do it for that specific price with no haggling.

Synergy Property Restoration uses Xactimate and we have the expertise and experience necessary to provide you with a comprehensive scope of the job, while immediately beginning to minimize your home losses. Hassle-Free, Direct Insurance Billing, is utilized as a courtesy to customers. When the work is completed, the contractor assembles a comprehensive scope of work and expedites this to the insurance carrier.

With Xactimate, this is how a project is estimated:

    • Gather loss information
    • Sketch a diagram of the structure
    • Select the related project costs
    • Review and verify the accuracy of the estimate
    • Submit it to the insurance company

Time is of the essence

You must clean up the water damage as quickly as possible to avoid mold settling into your walls, floors, etc. of your home. Hiring a contractor that has Xactimate software experience to communicate directly and expediently with an insurance company on your behalf is a huge advantage.

Emergency Restoration Contractor

Hiring the right restoration contractor the first time is crucial to a successful renovation of your fire, smoke, or water-damaged home or business. Make sure that your restoration contractor possesses these qualities or traits:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Local
  • Experienced with inspections, estimates, and specifications with insurance claims for water, fire and smoke damage
  • Uses Xactimate software
  • Easy to work with
  • Reliable
  • Good reputation with insurance companies
  • Excellent references/testimonies
  • Excellent reviews