Wind Damage Restoration in Clearwater

Synergy Property Restoration specializes in alleviating your stress and taking care of your home and property with expert storm damage restoration services in Tampa Bay.

High winds and major storms can leave homes and businesses damaged and destroyed, leaving homeowners and business owners shocked and concerned. Bad storms bring hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, lightning, rain downpours, and hail.

Reputable Storm Damage Restoration Service

If you are trying to figure out a reputable and reliable storm damage restoration service in Tampa for your property, it can be challenging to know where to turn for help. With one phone call, Synergy Property Restoration is available to provide the rapid-response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can protect your property from further damage and provide a comprehensive plan for restoration and mitigation as quickly as possible.

No matter how minor or severe the storm damage, Synergy professionals will be there with turn-key, start-to-finish mitigation, and restoration services. We can get your residential, commercial, or industrial property to a better-than-before condition as soon as possible. As a homeowner, business owner, insurance provider, or adjuster, you can streamline the storm damage restoration process when you trust Synergy Property Restoration with the project. We can handle all of the details of your wind and storm damage project, eliminating the hassle and time-lag common when you are dealing with multiple companies.

Types of Wind and Storm Damage

Severe storms in Florida can strike with minimal warning. These storms bring strong winds, pouring rain, and lightning strikes, which can all cause severe damage you people and property. Strong winds cause trees and powerlines to fall on your home and property, which creates even more problems. A bad storm brings potential wind, water, and fire damage. At Synergy Property Restoration, we are experts in restoring your home, property, or business. Give us a call at 855-630-4585 for your storm and wind damage repair.

What to Expect from Our Wind and Storm Damage Services

When you contact Synergy, you will be greeted by a caring, attentive customer service representative who will ensure your call is addressed and your need is met immediately. Because most wind and storm damage losses are both fire and water-related, Synergy Property Restoration’s wide range of restoration and mitigation services available streamline the process for home, business, and property owners.

At Synergy, we only use proven safe, effective equipment featuring the latest technology—all exceeding industry standards. When you work with us, you can trust you are getting the best wind and storm damage services the industry has to offer.

Synergy Property Restoration professional wind and storm damage services include:

  • 24-hours emergency response
  • Water extraction
  • Mildewcide
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Ozone treatment
  • Smoke cleaning
  • Pack outs (for storage of needed items)
  • Demolition
  • Restoration
  • Moisture testing
  • Air scrubbers
  • Mitigation
  • Storage (climate-controlled if needed)
  • Document restoration
  • Furniture restoration
  • Catastrophe team tree removal services
  • Xactimate estimating software (the most widely recommended and accepted in the industry)

Whatever it takes to properly and fully take care of your wind storm damage, Synergy Property Restoration can do it. There’s no need to go with multiple companies to get the job done when our professional team can handle all of the details to get your home or business in better-than-ever condition as soon as possible.

Things to Avoid During a Wind Storm

Here are some things to avoid doing during a wind storm:

  • Altogether avoid being near or touching water during a thunderstorm because lightning can travel through plumbing.
  • Since lightning can travel through your home’s electrical systems and radio and television reception systems, stay clear of all types of electronic equipment.
  • Avoid concrete floors and walls.

What to do After a Wind Storm?

After a wind storm has stopped, here are things you should do following a severe storm:

1. Survey your home and property for any damage.

2. Call Synergy Property Restoration at 855-630-4585 immediately if you find any damage.

3. Stay clear of any damaged buildings, powerlines and trees.

4.Watch for any road hazards such as debris, damaged bridges, and roads, or floodwater.

5. Unless completely necessary, do not drive through affected areas.

Signs of Storm Damage

When auditing your home for damage after a storm, make sure you do not put yourself in further harm. If you are concerned about falling debris, have a professional come out and inspect the roof for you. If you feel that the storm has passed and you would like to assess the initial damage look for these signs:

Hail Damage

Hail can slam into shingles and create a significant indentation. It can also create cracks that allow moisture to infiltrate the interior over time, causing mold and mildew growth. Hail damage may expand past your roof. For example, dented cars, driveways, or garage doors can take the brunt of the damage. Roof’s are particularly susceptible to hail since the softball-sized precipitation can pound the surface over and over again.

Wind Damage

Tornadoes and wind storms can produce gusts over 100 mph. Some of the obvious signs of damage are displaced or missing shingles and worn granules on roofs. Also, look for creased horizontal lines that accentuate the damage. Flying debris can also be dangerous in situations like this. So much so that trees can fall on to the top of your roof and create massive damage.

Signs of Wind Damage

Damaging winds are classified as those exceeding 50 miles per hour. Winds associated with severe thunderstorms or hurricanes are often called “straight-line” winds to differentiate them from tornadoes. Wind damage is associated with more than half of all severe weather events. Most visible leaks that penetrate through to the ceiling of a residence or building are the direct result of wind damage. If shingles and the roof underlayment are compromised, it will allow water to flood into the attic or the upper rooms of the house or building.